Broker Dealer Searches

Our broker dealer search team advises on all aspects of the due diligence process. Finate Solutions provides its clients with guidance and expertise in evaluating broker dealers and assists its clients in identifying long term relationships nationwide.

It begins with a thorough evaluation of the advisors practice and strategies.  During this process we uncover commonalities with top tier firms in the industry. Once authorized, a formal introduction is initiated.  Then, during the due diligence process our team reviews and negotiates offers and contractual paperwork. Finally, we guide our clients through the transition process and work with all parties during this intense and stressful period.

Advisor To Office Placement

Finate Solutions is one of the few search firms that has a team exclusively dedicated to working with advisors looking to join existing offices.

Our offices are hand-selected from an extensive network of corporate institutions, regional firms, and boutique broker dealers. They are strategically located throughout the country, with additional emphasis on regions that require a stronger presence.

We have listed some of our office locations on our site, but due to the rapid expansion of this service, some locations may not be posted.  To see if we have an office in your area, give us a call.

Succession Planning

Our succession team delivers solutions to clients seeking to buy or sell their practices. We are fully integrated with our sister company, Transition Assistance.  This integration allows our clients to utilize their multiple listings platform, national media campaigns as well as targeted email programs.

Leveraging our relationships allows our clients to identify alternative sources for valuation, funding and contract preparation.

Our team is highly experienced in coordinating negotiated sales and complex structured transactions.  We can assist in buyer identification, deal structuring and closings.