Finate Solutions is a division of The Goliath Group. The Goliath Group was founded in 2004.  After more than a decade of searching for a firm that would represent the needs of all financial advisors, we came to the conclusion that no such firm existed.  In our search, we also discovered there was a lack of resources for advisors to evaluate broker dealers in an ever expanding independent channel.  At that time, there were only a few organizations that understood the independent broker dealer marketplace. There were even less that truly represented the advisors themselves. There was clearly a need for someone to represent the elite advisor that wanted to step into the current environment. We started Finate Solutions to help advisors evaluate broker dealers in an unbiased environment .

Since their inception, Finate Solutions and The Goliath Group have served as advocates for financial advisors who have managed more than 15 billion dollars in combined assets under management. Additionally, we have placed over 200+ advisors while maintaining agreements with over 50 different financial institutions.

Our Team

Since 2004, our management team has utilized over 50 years of combined expertise to provide a wide range of solutions to the financial community.  Our expertise is derived from a broad range of experience from various specialties within the financial industry. Those specialties include retail brokerage, product wholesaling, financial marketing and broker dealer development.

Our team measures its success by how we help our clients achieve their goals. We have taken an unbiased research approach since the beginning and will continue until the end. Our service has never been compromised by additional incentives or outside initiatives. 100% discretion is maintained until we are authorized to release your contact details. We are compensated by the broker dealer, only after you have made your move, and your overall deal will not be affected by the use of our services.

Each member of our team has taken an oath to maintain this level of integrity in all aspects of our business.